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Art is my life. And beautiful things are what inspire me. My dog is my laughter. Adventure is my goal.

Happy birthday handsome #davidtennant #doctorwho
Everyone’s all dieting and shit and I’m like…hellz naw!


we all know that one person you get sexually frustrated just looking at

…so damn true

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"I must have flowers, always, and always."

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pin striped bathroom by J Tribout

I really like the idea of this bathroom…now I must have it
This morning…this is how Sammy tells me to wake up…he stares until I get up…sometimes he will actually tickle me awake….this guy
I want to be here,
I want for this to be my every day life
I want to scoop up my world and simply drop it here
To dream a dream is the dreamiest thing
Everybody had to be in the front seat… #funnydogs
There’s a cool kid table… (at Laguna Canyon Dog Park)

Le park (at Laguna Canyon Dog Park)

Our adventure continues… (at Balboa Marina)
Great day for a beach day (at Huntington Dog Beach)