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Art is my life. And beautiful things are what inspire me. My dogs are my laughter. Adventure is my goal.

Look who wants to drive
My next tattoo!!!!!!! No joke
Off of work…I’m so tired that I don’t wana get out of the car and go into the store so I’m just sitting here in the car putting myself back together…
Idk wtf is a strabucks lol (at Starbucks)
Waiting for mom at her “doctors” visit in TJ #snazzyshit I’m not really at the Starbucks but ima go there anyways and wanted to mark it on the map thingy. #starbucksfanatic (at Strabucks)
This guy is the only guy who would be more than Happy to spend every night after night listening to my insistent whining of crappy days and never judge and just be happy to be there. And is always happy to be my couch potatoe buddy ❤️ he’s my copilot
at Disneyland
This fool blinks when the flash goes off  (at Space Mountain)
ahahaha look at his face when I scratch his belly
Needed an outlet from by off chi…think this did the trick #chalk

Sometimes I just wish I was better…

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What I leave when I go out to eat #creativity24/7 (at Burger Bar And Grill At The New York New York Hotel And Casino)
at MGM Grand Las Vegas