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Art is my life. And beautiful things are what inspire me. My dogs are my laughter. Adventure is my goal.


Whenever someone asks me what I’m up to…it’s usually this

#gummybear #photography
"Look at these puny humans below…I shall destroy them all muahahahaha!"
Green with envy :) #greenmascara
Ok I got influenced by YouTube today with the makeup lol but #goodmorningstarshine #workday
Look at that smile #goldenretrieverpuppy #allgrownup
Always looking for something to catch #cockerspaniel #funnydog #cuteface
Finally put together my #charmbracelet with all my mementoes like my #tiffany #charms from New York and the locket my grandma gave me. In ❤️with it I’m never taking it off lol
Ok day 1 of wearing more dresses this summer. Went for the mini skirt but didn’t go to girly crazy and stuck with my black comfort zone…I know it’s summer but I love black who cares? #ootd #thisismetryingtobemoregirly
16. July 2014

I just realized that life isn’t boring, it’s an infinite amount of possibilities all day, everyday, all around us. It’s how much we limit our possibilities that makes our lives boring…so therefore life’s not boring your just limiting yourself to a boring existence, a boring possibility…if you don’t like it, change it, choose another possibility.

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Love everything about this outfit